The Very Essence Of Being A Woman Is Her Breast

 Women around the world can still have hope of beating the “Big C”

Most women agree that the most important part of their body are her breasts. A woman's breast is perhaps the body part most written about in books, magazines, poems, and other literature. Aside from the obvious physiological importance of the mammary glands, a woman's breast also symbolizes all that is romantic and sensual in the female figure. Needless to say, these glands are the usual subjects of male desires and fantasies.

But the meaning and significance of having breasts actually go beyond the mere symbolism or actual focus of sensuality. A woman's breast nurtures the life of an infant, producing the precious milk that can influence the life-long health of a child. Mother's milk contains a balanced mix of essential nutrients and protects the infant against common childhood illnesses and infections. As the ideal baby food, mother's milk is considered irreplaceable. Not even the most expensive milk formula can take the place or exceed mother's milk in terms of nutritional value. Pediatric health research conducted in different parts of the world all point out one incontrovertible fact --- mother's milk is still best for babies.

But there is another side to the volumes of literature about a woman's breast. There is another story that needs to be told aside from the current advocacy on mother's milk. This story is about the tragic fact that millions of women are being diagnosed with breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 1.5 million women will be diagnosed with the disease in 2007. At least 10.5 million patients were found to have breast cancer since 2003. For many women, these facts are not just statistics. These are realities that need to face and survive each day. Just imagine the fear and terror of knowing for the first time that have the “Big C.” What if you were newly married or had just given birth to your first child? A cancer diagnosis, especially related to one's breasts, is one of the most dreaded news known to women the world over.

What is even more devastating is the fact that the said disease has another variant or a more serious condition known as inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammation of the breasts due to cancer is marked by capillary dilation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and pain. Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare cancer that gets its name based on the appearance of the skin on the breast. It is considered an aggressive, advanced type of carcinoma.

On a positive note, this type of cancer strikes only a very small percentage of women. It is also true that, on very rare occasions, some men have been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. Treatment options are also available including the procedures usually undertaken to treat what may now be termed as the “common” or “usual” breast cancer. Patients who are still in the early stages of breast cancer may opt to take anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications help control the inflammation of the breast or may even prevent the growth of cancer cells. In a study released by the Women's Health Initiative in 2003, it was revealed that the regular use of anti-inflammatory drugs may help lower a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. The anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation but do not actually cure the disease that causes these symptoms. Certain anti-inflammatory drugs are doctor-prescribed.

Dealing with cancer is a very serious matter. It is best to seek medical advice as soon as you feel or see any of the signs. Your doctor must make a very careful examination to determine what type of treatment is appropriate for you, including the use of anti-inflammatory medication. One procedure that is commonly advised for patients or those who suspect the presence of cancer is to undergo breast biopsy. Usually, if a suspicious lump is detected, the doctor may ask the patient to use anti-inflammatory drugs to test whether the said growth will respond to a certain dose. Another recommendation for women above 40 to get an annual mammography.

The high mortality rate associated with breast cancer is serious enough to make cancer prevention a priority matter not only among women, but also for men. Through information, proper treatment, or appropriate medication, women around the world can still have hope of beating the “Big C.”

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 Whether you discuss breast cancer through the giveaway of a promotional product or by sending out a memo reminding employees about the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness month, you are spreading an important message and educating people about breast cancer. Just do Something!

Please share with us what are you doing to support this cause...

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Show your support to your local area "Breast Cancer" Fundraising events.

There are several organizations that are doing exemplary work in the ongoing mission to find the cure and eventually eliminate breast cancer.

This organization needs our physical help, but mostly they need of financial blessing. 

So, the research for the cure, will continue with success.

How To Make Your Nails Look Professionally Painted At Home

By Marie Sanchez

You don't have to go to a nail salon every time your toenails or fingernails need a new coat of polish.
Armed with the knowledge in this article, you can keep your own nails looking fantastic all the time, without ever having to enlist the help of a professional!
1. Getting Your Hands And Nails Ready For A Manicure
Before you paint your nails, use an acetone-based nail polish remover to get rid of any old polish. To keep cotton lint from getting stuck to your nails, apply nail polish remover with cotton wipes or a makeup sponge instead of a cotton ball.
After that, file and trim your nails so that they're neat and uniform. Then, soften up your nails and hands by soaking them in a bowl of either warm water and liquid soap, or lemon juice and olive oil. Gently push your cuticles back with a cotton-wrapped orange stick.
The final steps before painting your nails are to use either coarse salt and olive oil or a sugar scrub to exfoliate, and then add a little more moisturizer to your hands.
2. Preparation For A Pedicure
First, take a few minutes to soak your feet in a bowl of warm water, mixed with some Epson salts and perhaps a little bit of an essential oil you like.
Feet usually have more dead skin to remove than hands, which makes exfoliation a little more difficult. To exfoliate your feet, remove dry skin flakes with a pumice stone, then use a salt or sugar scrub, and finally, apply a heavy-duty moisturizing lotion.
The cuticles on your toenails deserve to be treated with just as much care as the ones on your fingernails. Put cuticle oil on them, too, and push them back the same way as you did on your fingers.

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight For That Flawless Skin

It is true treating pimples needs both patience and persistence, but sometimes time is the thing you are short of. You desperately need them off your face at any cost; the world seems almost cruel otherwise. You almost feel like tearing your hair out thinking of how to get rid of pimples overnight and it is for situations like these that there are over the counter drugs and ointments.

However, just using medicines will not relieve you of the pimples, there are rules you have to follow to make it work out right. There are Dos and Do nots and always remember some things are better left alone, messing with them is not advisable. For example, if you think the easiest way out of your ordeal would be to pop your zits, you are definitely wrong.

Most of the time, overnight pimple cures are just an overblown phrase because an overnight cure for pimples is almost impossible to devise without a change in your lifestyle. Especially if you are used to having a stressful life and you have a biased diet. Try to make it a balanced one including food that would also make it into a cleansing diet. Talking of cleansing, there is no substitute for water, thus make drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day a part of your daily routine.

Tips for overnight cure

Some home remedies however can rid you of pimples sometimes overnight and even if not overnight by not more than half a day.

You could use the white of an egg to dab on your pimple. Once left on for around 20 minutes it usually helps and dries up the pimple. Another unique method would be to apply toothpaste; preferably not the gel type on the pimple and it has the same effect.

Cleaning the skin is an essential part of curing pimples and the cleaning needs special care when you need to cure pimples overnight. If you wash your face with a soap enriched with aloe vera it can help you immensely. You could also try cleaning your skin with apple cider vinegar, or a more simple remedy would be to clean it with lemon juice.

Before you start any pimple remedy, you must be sure that the acne is not caused due to an allergic reaction to any food or cosmetics. The cure could otherwise have an adverse effect on the acne.

Your skin is unique and different from everyone else\'s and therefore you should remember that what works for someone else might not work for you and vice verse. Therefore, it would be advisable if you try out the different methods beforehand to know which one suits you.

You could also pay your family physician a visit, who might just as well recommend you to a dermatologist. Both the doctor and the dermatologist might have ideas that would truly rid you of that pimple overnight.
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You don't have to go to a nail salon every time your toenails or fingernails need a new coat of polish. Armed with the knowledge in this article, you can keep your own nails looking fantastic all the time, without ever having to enlist the help of a professional!

Read this article: How to Make Your Nails Look Professionally Painted at Home